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Puzzle With Time Travel In Droidscape: Basilica On a Rescue Mission

Welcome to the year 4057. As is often the case with games that takes place in the future, humanity is not doing well. In this particular scenario, the one remaining Chronomancer is being held captive, and if he dies, well, let's just say mankind would prefer him alive. What this means is that you, Bishop 7, a droid on a rescue mission, is our last hope in this plan-and-execute puzzler.
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Ancient Aliens – The Roots of Sound Is a Tale Full of Danger and Ancient Technology

Meet Chet, a regular guy enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. His trumpet playing skills pays the bills, so nasty people won’t come knocking on his door. Well, until one night that is, when a French fella (Rondelle) stopped by to inquire about his late father’s work. Apparently he had made a great discovery and how’s this for a shocker: Rondelle’s employer wants it, no matter the price. Chet’s life just got a lot more interesting.
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Another Batch Made It Through Greenlight, Mostly Indie This Time

I may not be the biggest supporter of Greenlight, but my beef lies with how Valve launched – and continues to run – the service, rather than the games on it. As such, I was pleased when a total of 14 titles made it through the process yesterday. Why? Well, Steam does tend to help with sales, and when business is good, developers can continue doing what they love; in this case, make games.
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Xbox One to Allow Self-Publishing… Until Microsoft Changes Their Mind Again

Xbox One
Good grief, Microsoft. Will the day ever come when you’ll simply make the proper decisions the first time, instead of waiting for the public to disapprove, and then do the right thing? I know I’m being sceptical here, but it’s not without reason and honestly, it’s about time someone did, instead of simply praising Microsoft for backtracking. That said, this is still very good news for indie developers.
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HUENISON Impressions: Save the World In a Colorful Arcade Block ‘Em Up

Colors! Bricks! So many colored bricks, all coming towards the bottom of the screen! Which do I shoot first? Oh man oh man… oh, right! First things first. Riddle me this, reader: what would happen if you mixed arcade classics like Space Invaders and Tetris, replaced the aliens with colored blocks and made it so that some blow up when shot, or had other unique properties? It’s chaotic, challenging and so much fun! Welcome to HUENISON!
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Operation Smash Release: A Hammerin’ Metroidvania 500 Million Years In the Past

Smash Bros
In theory, it should have worked. I mean, it was a simple matter of travelling 500 million years back in time, grabbing a live specimen of a species now long extinct and return. In theory. But as is the norm, something tends to go wrong when time travel is involved, and unfortunately this was no exception. So grab your hammer and help Gemma figure out what’s what, in this Metroidvania blast from the past!
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BIT.TRIP FATE (PC/Mac) Release: Ride, Glide and Shoot With CommanderVideo

It’s been a long time coming, but now the final chapter of the BIT.TRIP saga has arrived on Steam. Starring everyone’s favorite runner, CommanderVideo, BIT.TRIP FATE continues the series trend of playing unlike any of the other entries: this time he’ll be gliding along a predetermined (and wavy) path, shooting everything in sight to get a combo going and, well, survive!
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Other Space Impressions: Save a Civilization From Their Own Undoing

Other Space
Scientists. They never seem to realize that certain things shouldn’t be messed with. In this case, things have gone so wrong, that a massive flood has been unleashed, and it may very well spell the end of Gerde’s world! Fortunately, her race is able to harness the power of teleportation, which will help minimize casualties. Sadly, a lot will still end up paying the ultimate price. It can’t be helped.
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TRI Creator Unleashes Android Ports of Pitman, Tumblox and More

It’s been awhile since we last heard anything about TRI, but as Rat King explains in this blog post (where screenshots of the next TRI update can also be seen) there’s a reason for that, and unfortunately it involves a flood. Mother Nature can be a real pain sometimes. But let’s move on to something more positive, which is in a way also related to TRI‘s development: the Android ports.
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Rotational Impressions: The Best Love Letter Hexagon Could Wish For

Described as "a love letter to Hexagon." by its creator, this is much more than some silly clone with a few additions/twists (unlike certain other 'love letter' creations). I mean, just take a look at the screenshot above. That's right: 3D! Have fun twisting and turning, in an attempt to escape a constantly shrinking space. Resistance is futile. You will play Rotational.
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Strip ‘Em All Impressions: Point, Click and Drag to Create New Comic Strips

Strip 'Em All
Ever read a comic strip and wanted to change parts of the story? Maybe even completely alter the outcome, by doing something like turning the hero into a villain or change the roles and/or what was said in a heated argument? Part point and click, part puzzle, Strip 'Em All lets you do exactly that, and while the experience is interesting, sadly it's not without flaws.
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