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King’s Ascent Impressions: Flee From Former Faults In a Royal Redemption Race

King's Ascent
At first, I felt bad for the poor king, since it seemed he was only trying to save his kingdom from a terrifying dragon, by having the creature killed. As it turns out, I could not have been more wrong. For reasons unknown, the dragon had been brought back to life, allowing it to share its side of the story and, well, the king was not exactly innocent. Time to pay the piper.
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Asterogue Impressions: Punch, Slice and Blast Through Armies of Robots (iOS/Android)

Four weapon slots, procedurally generated levels and lots of robots to destroy – welcome to Asterogue. This roguelike ditches turn-based battles in favor of much more fast-paced gesture-based action. Powerful weapon modules or not, you’re going to need quick reflexes and situational awareness if you plan on saving that planet of yours. Oh and it’s free. Free! FREEEE! Alright, onto the game.
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The Last Door: Chapter 2 Release: Murder, Mystery and Madness Awaits

The Last Door: Chapter Two
Approximately 100 days ago, the first chapter of the The Last Door saga spooked players of all ages, myself included, and now the second chapter is finally ready to continue that trend. So, are you ready for more murder and mystery, wrapped up in a pixellated adventure? Then hold on to your hat, because we’re off to a boarding school turned ‘nursing home’ this time (cue dramatic music).
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QbQbQb Proves Planetary Block Stacking Rotation Can Be Fun

Tell me, how does stacking blocks in on a planet sound? Crazy? Well, yeah, but that’s what you do in QbQbQb, and as it turns out, there’s actually a ton of fun to be had with it. While I normally don’t care much for match-3 games, somehow this one managed to hook me somehow, with its colored blocks, rotating planets and catchy music. Did I mention it has multiplayer?
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Tetrobot and Co. Trailer Offers a Glimpse at Blocks That Matter Follow-Up

Tetrobot and Co.
Back in 2011, developer Swing Swing Submarine released a game about the little Tetrobot that could, known as Blocks That Matter, a game that I enjoyed a lot. Over the years, this blocky 2D platformer/puzzle hybrid has enjoyed success on several platforms, but that was then and this is now: meet its spiritual successor Tetrobot and Co., now with (early) gameplay footage.
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DOT Space Hero Goes Jetpackin’ to Retrieve Precious Stardust Snacks

DOT Space Hero
It’s been close to six months since my initial coverage of this one. Six months! While that’s not exactly a long development cycle, mobile game or not, it’s still quite a while to wait for a game to be released if you’ve been following its development actively. Thankfully, launch is upon us and accompanied by a new name, DOT Space Hero (formerly, DOT) has appeared on iTunes.
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The Last Door: Chapter 2 Beta Available to Backers and Premium Members

The Last Door: Chapter 2 beta
Who doesn’t enjoy beta testing games? It’s easily one of my favorite things to do. Not only does it mean getting development insight, but it just might result in directly influencing the final product! And if you’re either a The Last Door Kickstarter backer or a premium member, you’ll be able to help The Game Kitchen beta-test The Last Door: Chapter 2 – with a few neat benefits.
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Too Many Me Alpha: Running With Expendable Clones

Too Many Me
A runner. You run in a runner, because if you don’t run then it wouldn’t be a runner and, well, then there would be no point in playing. It really is that simple, as is the majority of entries in this particular genre. But Too Many Me attempts to break the mold by throwing a ridiculous amount of clones into the mix, along with other crazy things.
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Android Release of Slydris Kicks Off a Minor Radiangames Port-A-Thon

I know what you’re thinking: “yawn, another Tetris clone”. Not exactly. There’s no denying that Slydris bears a striking resemblance to Alexey Pajitnov’s popular block puzzler though. Even though you do fill lines with blocks in order to clear each, the different modes – including Zen and Survival – along with special blocks, manages to mix things up and offer a fresh take on the tried-and-true formula.
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Fight Your Way Through the Deep Dungeons of Doom On iOS

Deep Dungeons of Doom
I still remember when dungeon-crawlers had no problem kicking your ass, and laughing in your face while doing it. Do I miss those days though? Why yes, I actually do and it seems I’ll be able to relive those days (for free, to boot), thanks to Bossa Studios who recently travelled back in time to release Deep Dungeons of Doom on iOS. It even comes with a warning: “This game is only for the brave.” – well, challenge accepted!
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Bundle In A Box Takes to the Moon With Exclusive Lune Alpha

I used to think the latest Bundle In A Box couldn’t possibly get any better, but then they went and added an alpha build of Luna! That means it now contains… wow, a total of 12 games for (at least) $3.95 at the time of writing! So now you’ll get the following: all four Blackwell adventures, the Hacker Evolution trilogy, Super Tower Rush, Pixelry, Hamlet, Secret of the Magic Crystals and last but certainly not least, the exclusive (elusive?) Luna alpha!
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Patent Blaster Impressions: Shoot to Kill, For Patents Are Evil and Must Die

Patent Blaster
Some games live and die by their story elements – Patent Blaster is not one of them. Who needs a convoluted plot anyway, when you have a random selection of characters to play as, each with seperate base stats? And let’s not forget about all the weapons either, or the upgrades! Or how about books capable of bestowing curses? All that, and you also get to shoot the crap out of… patents. Indeed, patents. Madness, but the best kind, and with awesome Wikipedia integration to boot.
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