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Location Services Tells the Story of a Shady PI In a Fully Digitised World

Location Services
Ever wanted to be a PI who isn’t afraid to bend the rules to get the job done? Then Location Services might be right up your alley. In a fully digitized world, Anthony Lira is on a mission to track down a man known only as “D” and it’s your job to help him. Normally this would involve old-school interrogation and bribery, but the world being what it is, I have a feeling you’ll also have to partake in rather shady things to gather intel, such as… hacking.
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Latest Bundle In A Box Cranks Indie Gaming Up to Eleven

Here we go again, is your wallet ready for another bundle loaded with great indie games? Like the Adventure, Deep Space, Eclectic Delights and the Cerebral bundles before it, The Capsule Computers Indie Bundle comes from Kyttaro Games and this one has a blend of no less than 11 titles, spanning pretty much every genre. From point & click to platforming, hacking and jousting (yes, it's a genre!), there's something for everyone.
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Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Welcome to Falana, a world where the superior race is anthropomorphic animals. Surely such strange lands would be full of exciting stories, just waiting to be told, right? I’d like to think so at least, and in Dust: An Elysian Tail you’ll get a chance to experience one such first-hand! Dust will gladly take you on an action-packed adventure, aided by a sentient sword known as the Blade of Ahrah and Fidget, its (at times) cheerful guardian. Unfortunately, helping Dust recover the memories of his past soon becomes the least of their worries, as a great evil threatens the land.
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Gunpoint Demo Impressions: Make Electrical Wiring Obey Your Every Command

It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s finally happening: Gunpoint will be released in exactly one week! This stealthy/hacking/mess-with-security-guards platformer has gathered quite a following over the years, and with good reason too as it’s a ton of fun! But wait, how could I possibly know that, since it isn’t out yet? One word: demo! Now fans can get a taste of what’s to come, on June 3.
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Help Jack Recover His Remains In the Public Jack Haunt Alpha

Jack Haunt
Boy is Jack Haunt ever in a pickle. As if being a wandering spirit stuck between the two realms isn’t bad enough, he’s also managed to lose the deed to his haunting grounds in a poker game, forcing him to evacuate the premise. There’s one problem though: Rules say he has to locate his earthly remains prior to leaving, and as fate would have it, he’s forgotten where they are. Time is running out for Jack Haunt (again).
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The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis Release: A New Adventure In the OSD Universe

The Search For Oceanspirit Dennis
Do you know what an Oceanspirit is? Well, probably not and neither do I, yet in this game you’ll be taking up the role of Ray, who’s been tasked with tracking down one such and enlist his aid! Fortunately, an Oceanspirit known as Dennis has been spotted in the neighbouring city, so this shouldn’t take long. Or it wouldn’t, if ‘someone’ hadn’t decided to block Ray’s passage across the bridge. Time to point & click this problem away!
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City Quest Kickstarter: Small Town Boy On An Adventure In the Big City

City Quest
It seems Stone Monkey Studios, like me, thinks that we can never have enough adventure games. These guys have fired up a Kickstarter for City Quest, a rather silly take on the old ‘small town boy travels to the big city, hoping to make a name for himself’ story, with a heavily pixellated art style, plenty of humor, a fair amount of politics and… much more. One man, one mission!
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Cloaks and Spells Demo Impressions: A Magical Adventure In a Mysterious World

Cloaks and Spells
I’ll never understand why all these wizard fellas don’t just relax at home and work on their magical mojo, instead of traversing the lands in search of danger and adventure – that’s the route I would have taken for sure. But ‘safety’ is not in Cloaks and Spells‘ dictionary, as you’ll have to find a way past demonic beings and treacherous traps, aided by a unique magic system.
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BROFORCE Brototype: Blast Aliens or Just Destroy Everything

Oh look, another action platformer with pixel art – yawn, right? WRONG! For starters, have you ever played a game with fully destructible terrain… in 2D? Somehow I doubt it and no, Terraria doesn’t count – I said destructible, as in explosions or gunfire, not a shovel or a pickaxe! That’s not the only way in which BROFORCE differs from the norm either: how about playing as pop culture action heroes, like Rambo or Judge Dredd? aha! Got your attention now, eh?
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Weekly Indie Update: Gamedev Wannabe In Progress

I recently decided to embark on a journey that will hopefully let me to create something truly remarkable at some point – learning how to program/code! It’s still in the early stages though, as I haven’t even picked a language yet, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Indie Update!
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The Last Door: Chapter 1 Review

The Last Door: Chapter 1
One day, J. Devitt receives a letter from his childhood friend, Anthony Beechwood, which reads “Videte ne quis sciat”. To him, it’s a familiar phrase, although not one he’s heard in a long time and one few people know the meaning of. As such, there can be only one reason for this letter: Anthony is in trouble! Next stop, the address on the letter, where chapter 1 of this eerie mystery takes place.
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