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Flightless Demo Impressions: Collect Diamonds With a Magical Ladder

Most platformers revolve around jumping and/or shooting bad guys, but in Flightless, you take on the role of a duck who's had his wings clipped as punishment for stealing. Exactly what it is that you've stolen isn't clear, but this means you can't jump - at all. So how are you going to reach those shiny diamonds that'll pay for your freedom? Why, with a magical ladder of course!
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Weekly Indie Update: Thoughts On Greenlight

There’s no denying the popularity of Steam’s Greenlight service, but it’s certainly not without issues. I don’t have a (huge) beef with the user voting, that’s just people being people, for good and bad. No, my problem is that some publishers and developers seemingly slip through the cracks, while those with several popular games already on Steam still have to drag each new release through Greenlight! Where’s the logic in that, Valve?
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Bloop Review: Make a Splash With Liquid Based Puzzles

Over the years, 'science' has been mankind's excuse for pulling off a lot of experiments, not all of them safe (or sane). But with a multitude of colored liquids (or bloops, as they're called in this game) to manage, I'd say Bloop is more about chemistry, though. Not that it really matters, because your goal won't change either way: put green color goes into the green jar, purple into purple, and so on. Simple, right? Well, yes and no.
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Don’t Starve Brings Survival of the Fittest to a Mysterious Wilderness

Don't Starve
After two successful Shank games and the stealth hit Mark of the Ninja, Klei decided to try something different with Don’t Starve. This time, it’s all about surviving a mysterious and hostile wilderness, armed only with what you can gather and create. Oh and don’t expect the game to throw you any bones – you’re completely on your own in this adventure, for good and bad!
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The Freeware Indie: Mayhem Triple

Mayhem Triple
What do you get when you combine fast-paced gunplay with an alien invasion in a 2D platformer? Not sure? Well, if the aliens are rabbits, then the answer is (probably) “Mayhem Triple”, and you’d better lock and load because those things are multiplying like… rabbits! Your name is Miguel “Mig” Carter and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prevent the apocalypse – no pressure, right? WRONG!
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Weekly Indie Update: The More Things Change…

Weekly Indie Update 16, 2013
I initially started writing indie news as a series of articles called Weekly Indie Update, which was done in a digest format. This was a way for me to grasp the concept of writing about current events and was quite well received. But as the confidence in my ability to write grew, I decided to abandon that format in favor of daily articles about various indie game topics. I’ve been thinking about it recently and decided to bring it back, although with certain notable changes.
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Nom Nom Nom: They Need To Be Fed 2 Released On iOS and Android

They Need To Be Fed 2
For all the variety mobile developers have shown, there haven’t been many games with an emphasis on food – oh wait. But seriously, They Need To Be Fed 2, like its precursor, is actually not about eating, it’s about being eaten… at the end of each stage, by a carnivorous plant! How’s that for a unique exit? Ironically, you’ll likely die more than a few times on the way too, although that won’t end the level, just your life.
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KHAAAN! Frayed Knights 2: Khan of Wrath Announced

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon
What’s this? Could it be? Indeed, Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon is getting a sequel, and based on the title, it’s pretty safe to expect another old-school RPG with more tongue in cheek humor than you can shake a stick at – my favorite kind! Even though it’s currently without a release date, a handful of details have been made available, so here’s a glance at FK2KoW from a distance. (Note: screenshot is from the first game)
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Most Summerbatch Vol. 1 Games Have Been Re-Released

They do say that all good things must come to an end, and this was also the case with the first Summerbatch bundle of AGS goodness. Unfortunately for those who missed it, none of the included games were available after the bundle had run its course – until now! There are some (kinda) bad and (really) good news though: While Jailbreak is nowhere to be found and Nancy The Happy Whore will set you back a few bucks due to the addition of a speech pack, PISS, Patchwork and Barely Floating are all 100% free.
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The Gritty Sci-Fi Adventure Gemini Rue Has Arrived On iOS

Gemini Rue iOS
Stop what you’re doing right now, because Wadjet Eye Games‘ sci-fi mystery about an ex-assassin and a man with no memory has finally appeared up on the app store! What am I rambling about this time? Why, Gemini Rue of course. It’s finally been released on iOS (iPhone and iPad), in a port that looks pretty much like the Windows version that came out two years ago. So, here are some details on this brand new iOS version.
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The Cubes Are Back With More Fast-Paced Strategy In Cubemen 2

Cubemen 2
When I saw just how much 3 Sprockets have changed and added for Cubemen 2, I was both surprised and impressed. I mean, it’s only been little more than a year since the original was released, and even though it isn’t a completely different experience, improvements seem to have been made in the right places. While a lot has happened in terms of visual design, some of the biggest changes are found in the gameplay, which is quite important for this kind of game.
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Save a Deformed Forest In BADLAND On iOS

After months of trailers, screenshots and several "it's coming!" teasers/development updates, approximately 24 hours ago it finally happened: BADLAND appeared on the app store, and it looks great! But looks aren't everything, even though the trailers I've seen sure made it look interesting (and difficult), so let's see what this newly released side-scroller is all about.
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Rise of the Ravager Review

Rise of the Ravager
In more than one way, Rise of the Ravager reminds me of Missile Command. Even though it has fewer explosions and far more detailed visuals, the gameplay itself really isn’t all that different from the Atari classic. Where it does set itself apart, however, is with colored attacks that can only hit enemies of the same color, and an upgrade system which adds a fair amount of strategy.
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DLC Quest: Live Freemium Or Die Review

DLC Quest: Live Freemium Or Die
We don’t really see a lot of indie game sequels (or expansions), and I doubt many expected that DLC Quest would get one either. Yet here we are, two years after its release and DLC Quest: Live Freemium Or Die is out. Now, I’m not sure whether it’s a sequel or expansion, but since it acts as a continuation of DLC Quest, I’m going with ‘vastly improved sequel’. So, let’s examine the conclusion to this comedy fueled RPG saga.
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DLC Quest Review

DLC Quest
Ah, downloadable content (DLC). As often used as a means of milking consumers, as a method for extending the lifespan of the game in question. Both types are present throughout the entirety of DLC Quest, a satirical take on the role-playing genre which shows what happens when DLC goes out of control. As long as you don’t take the game seriously, chances are you’ll reach the credits with a smile on your face, or even a wide grin, but let’s take it from the top.
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EA Removing SimCity DRM [April’s Fools]

Never thought I would live to see the day when EA came to their senses, yet somehow a miracle has happened: soon, the always-online DRM that has plagued SimCity since launch, will be but a bad memory. While I highly doubt that it will ever be forgotten, since I am certain this abomination will remain a hot topic for future generations of city builders everywhere, at least it will not bog down the experience much longer.
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