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PC Port of XBLA Hit Poker Smash Needs Kickstarting

Poker Smash
Back in 2008, Void Star Creations released a game that mixed Tetris Attack with Poker on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade platform, namely Poker Smash. It was a highly enjoyable game and one that I played quite a bit, although… I was never any good at it (doesn’t matter, still had fun). Then in 2010, the iOS port was released and at that point, many were wondering: where was the PC port? Well, thanks to the power of crowdfunding, they might be able to finally release one this year!
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Driftmoon Mixes RPG With Adventure and Comedy Aplenty

Quirky RPG, Driftmoon is thy name. I mean, seriously: your party members include a firefly, a panther with a whale-sized ego, and… a skeleton. If that doesn’t spell out ‘quirky’ and ‘completely over-the-top’ for ya, what does? Certainly looks like fun though, and I do wish more RPGs would take themselves less seriously… laughter is the best medicine, ya know.
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Ithaka of the Clouds Is Looking For Funding

Ithaka of the Clouds
See? Told ya I was gonna report on this, although it did take a bit longer than I had planned. Anyway, before we get to the Indiegogo bits, here’s a quick summary of what Ithaka of the Clouds will be about: Inspired by Greek poetry, it’ll be a lengthy adventure about two trolls, complete with handdrawn graphics and more focus on exploration and socializing, instead of the obscure puzzles that haunt so many games in the genre. Up-to-speed? Moving on then.
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Raising the Bar Once More: Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced

Legend of Grimrock 2
Fans of classics like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master have likely played the original Legend of Grimrock (LoG) by now, with its amazing tile-based dungeon crawling prison break. It looked great, played great and thanks to Steamworks integration, a lot of new content has been created by loyal fans; gotta love that! But fan creations, impressive they may be, can only do so much compared to a fully fledged sequel.
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The Saga Continues: Blackwell Epiphany Announced

Blackwell Epiphany
Since the release of the fourth game (Deception) back in 2011, there hasn’t really been a lot of (official) chatter about the eagerly anticipated next entry in the popular Blackwell series – until now that is! Earlier today, the veil was lifted on the AGS forums and Blackwell Epiphany was announced, with both screenshots and a few plot details.
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Pete the Paper Pirate Announced

Weeniefrog recently revealed that they’re working on a pirate game, which was enough to catch my interest, and who doesn’t like pirates these days? But in case that’s not good enough, how about the fact that everything will feature a paper art style along the lines of Paper Mario, eh? Figured I’d get your attention with that, so let’s take a closer look.
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Help Zeb Escape Alien Captivity In Plazma Being

Plazma Being
At this point, I’m wondering if video game characters careless enough to get themselves kidnapped aren’t better off simply left to their fate. I mean, it’s happened once already and even if you rescue them, who’s to say it won’t happen again? (Case in point: Princess Peach). That said, Zeb does need your help in this puzzle platformer from Felix Wunderlich, should you be willing to provide it.
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Sela The Space Pirate Awaits Bullet Hell Fans on iOS

Sela The Space Pirate
While there’s no shortage of bullet hell (or SHMUP) titles on the iOS platform, Sela The Space Pirate still managed to catch my interest. Maybe it’s the visual style or the insane amount of coins that litter the screen, which are used to purchase upgrades. Whatever the reason, who doesn’t enjoy doing some coin collecting while dodging a rain of bullets from enemy ships? In Sela’s case, it’s not just a game – it’s a way of life.
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There’s a New Quest For Infamy Demo In Volksville

Quest For Infamy
Remember 1989? I certainly do, because that was the year when Quest For Glory was released and in a genre first, this adventure title was fused with both RPG elements and even multiple classes (fighter, magic-user and thief) to play as! The reason I’m bringing up such an old game is that Quest For Infamy plays and looks quite like it, right down to the comedic aspect.
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The Tale of a Young Boy: Anodyne Review

Have you ever played a RPG that seemed like it would be one helluva ride from the very beginning? Where it seemed like a great adventure would unfold, and each obstacle overcome made you feel like closer to fulfilling a great destiny? Because that was exactly how I felt as I started playing Anodyne, an old-school RPG from Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka. It wasn’t long before I was reminded though, that first impressions are sometimes just that.
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Do You Voodoo? Full Mojo Rampage Announced

Full Mojo Rampage
As the name implies, Full Mojo Rampage is all about voodoo. At least, I’m almost certain that’s the case, since it takes place in the Voodoo reality where voodoo dolls, amulets and trinkets (called ‘mojos’) are not exactly uncommon items. Now, imagine if that was the case in the real world? Phew! Enough of that, let’s take a look what Over The Top Games have revealed so far instead.
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The Greenlight Bundle Returns With More Greenlight Gaming Goodness

The Greenlight Bundle
It’s not the first The Greenlight Bundle, but for some odd reason they yet again decided to simply name it ‘The Greenlight Bundle’, rather than using some sort of numbering scheme to avoid confusion. Whatever the case, it’s back! This time the minimum price is $5, which’ll get ya a total of 9 DRM-free games, all of which are searching high and low for more Greenlight votes, so let’s take a look at its contents.
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Fight a Nasty Virus In the New 6DoF Shooter Retrovirus

Like Descent and Forsaken before it, Retrovirus is a six degrees of freedom (6DoF) shooter. This game does have far better looking visuals though, and… you get to destroy a virus! How’s that for a unique plot? You may have heard of Cadenza Interactive, since they’re also responsible for the popular tower defense Sol Survivor. That’s a completely different beast from Retrovirus, however.
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