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The Indie Post: Highs and Lows of 2013

the indie post 2013-
That was fast. Feels like just yesterday, when those fancy fireworks went off last time. But alas, the time has come to say goodbye to another year, and one full of great stuff… along with some not-so-much. I am of course referring to all things indie games, both in terms of the games themselves, their creators and, well, my site. So pop the corn, pull up your favorite couch and let me welcome you to the final The Indie Post of 2013.
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The Indie Post: ‘Tis the Season For Sharing… Time For a Giveaway!

The Indie Post Christmas 2013
Woohoo! In less than 24 hours, it'll be CHRISTMAS! Snacks! Food! Joyous times and so much fun, but above all else… PRESENTS! And so many exclamation marks! But on a more serious note, I'm sure most nowadays care more about presents and food, than what Christmas is actually about. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and as such, I've decided to hand out some digital presents. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Content Patch Also Revamps Levels

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
Well I'll be. Turns out the level designer of co-op heist hit Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine isn't entirely satisfied with how things turned out, and based on user feedback, he's not the only one. As such, a sizeable update went live a couple of days ago to fix this, by tweaking existing levels, removing bits and pieces here and there. Nothing like some serious post-launch support.
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The Nutcracker Bundle Is Here to Spread Holiday Cheer

Indie Royale The Nutcracker Bundle
Hey look, Indie Royale's back after a two-week break, bringing seasonal greetings, cheap indie games and as always, a hand-picked musical contribution. While a more casual lineup than usual, I gotta say, each and every participant does still look interesting. Remember, you-know-what is but a week away, and this bundle would certainly make a neat last-minute (or additional) present!
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Sci-Fi FPS/RPG 3089 Leaves Beta, Preps For Steam Launch

It's been a long road for 3089. First a successful Kickstarter back in 2012, followed by a slew of alphas, betas and now, finally a stable release! This won't be the last update either, as the developer still has more than a few ideas brewing. What it does however mean, among other things, is that the game is ripe for reviewing (reviewing an alpha or beta is hardly ideal).
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A Walk in the Dark Review (PC)

A Walk in the Dark
Imagine if Bast hadn't wandered off, playfully chasing whatever caught his attention. Maybe Arielle, his owner, wouldn't have been kidnapped by an evil spirit, and the two would still be living the good life. But alas, that darn cat had to let curiosity get the better of him. His only option now, is to search for Arielle, and hopefully find a way out of this mess… before it's too late.
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The Indie Capsule Bundle Has a Lot of Good Stuff On Sale… Stranger

The Indie Capsule Bundle
Oh boy. Looks like Capsule Computers have caught bundle fever! I mean, this makes what, their fourth? The contents have been consistently interesting though, and as always, cheap indie games is cheap indie games. This particular lineup includes the bundle début of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a game which recently transitioned from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks, along with And Yet It Moves, another favorite of mine.
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The Indie Post: From Mobile to Desktop

The Indie Post: From Mobile to Desktop
Over the past year or so, mobile gaming has gotten me hooked to the point where I actually find myself enjoying certain genres on my iPad, more than my PC. And not just those obviously better suited for touch-screens either. But what about those without an iOS device? Or Android? You know, Windows Phone users. Well, they're stuck with… the ports. While these tend to be without issues, sadly, there are exceptions. Not just in how they look/play either. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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