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Help the Undead Get Back to Their Crypts Before Sunrise: ‘Vampires!’ Review

Vampires! review
Since the developer didn’t give Vampires! a story to go along with the goal of getting a bunch of vampires safely back to their crypts, I’m going to pretend that they’ve been out partying all night and are too drunk to actually find their way; ironically, this actually makes sense considering certain aspects of the game, but I’ll get to that later. Sadly, no vampires from the Twilight saga were harmed in the making of this review.
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Tower Defense/RPG Hybrid ‘Defender’s Quest’ Now On Steam and GOG

Defender's Quest
Defender’s Quest is not like most other games in the genre, since those tend to be all about spending currency on generic towers and then simply watching as they tear through the enemies, wave after wave. In this game, the towers are actually party members that you get to place on the battlefield, and after each successful battle, they gain XP and level up, just like in a RPG. Although at the end of the day, a ranger is still a ranger and a berserker is and will always be a berserker..
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‘You Have to Win the Game’ Just Got a Visual Overhaul

Platforming fans who miss that old-school feel, both in terms of difficulty and visuals, should take a look at You Have to Win the Game. Just like a lot of games did back in the day, this one’s got that lovely ‘one hit and you’re dead’ thing too, but with tighter controls than most old games and a bit of Metroidvania here and there, as you search for money bags. Oh and would ya look at that beautiful CGA color palette?
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‘Adventures of Shuggy’ DLC Adds Several Levels of ‘Teleporting Troubles’

Shuggy's Teleporting Troubles DLC
Adventures of Shuggy is a 2D platformer from Smudged Cat Games where you play as a bat known as Shuggy. His mind is set on clearing a huge mansion of evil spirits, and it’s your job to help him! With several different puzzle mechanics in play here, there’s plenty here to keep puzzle fans busy throughout the more than 100 gem-filled levels. These range from simple rope swinging and screen rotation, to far more logic-defying things like time travel and cloning, along with turning poor Shuggy into a zombie, teleporting him all over the place, and plenty other shenanigans.
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Charming 2D Puzzler ‘About Love, Hate and the other ones’ Has Arrived On iOS

About Love, Hate and the other ones
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but thankfully the result of LOVE’s curiosity getting the better of her wasn’t lethal, or anything close to that. Instead, pressing that big red button simply teleported both her and HATE to a strange dark cave, and since it brought them there, maybe pressing it again would take them home? But unfortunately for these two, while the button was within sight, it was not immediately reachable.
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This SHMUP Mixes Old and New: ‘Humans Must Answer’ Alpha Preview

Humans Must Answer
You’re the pilot of a ship called The Golden Eagle and with a crew of intelligent chickens, who.. wait, what?! Ha! That’s definitely original, if nothing else (maybe a bit crazy too). An attempt to establish contact with mankind in the Solar system goes horribly wrong, as is met with nothing but anger and hostility, leaving you with no choice but to defend yourself and counter-attack. I’ll never understand why we humans are always such warmongers, but it does make for a perfect fit in this SHMUP from Sumom Games, so I guess war is good for something.
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‘Three Dead Zed’ ‘Enhanced Edition’ Update Arrives With Lots of Braaaains

Three Dead Zed Enhanced Edition
Three Dead Zed is a puzzle platformer where you control three zombies, each with its own unique ability. The Sprinter can move faster and jump farther than the other two, but can't climb ladders, attack or operate switches, the Brute is slow but powerful, with the same limitations as the Sprinter, unlike the Classic.. I think you see where I'm going with this. Throw in a story that has you breaking out of a testing facility, morphing between zombies to solve puzzling puzzles or eliminate hostile hostiles, and you've got a very interesting platformer. Plus, you get to rescue cats with tinfoil hats.
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Like a Rockin’ Blast From the Past: ‘Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams’ Is Out

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
It’s been a long 25 years since the original Giana Sisters game stirred up controversy like there was no tomorrow, with Nintendo labeling it a “Super Mario Bros. ripoff”, but that’s a story for another time (and one most of you are probably already familiar with anyway). Now, Black Forest Games have completely reshaped the classic platformer for modern times with the release of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (GSTS), and hopefully this one won’t rub anyone the wrong way, with its great visuals and a rockin’ soundtrack!
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‘Dungeon Defenders’ Celebrates First Birthday With Anniversary DLC

Dungeon Defenders Anniversary DLC
For the few people who have yet to experience Dungeon Defenders, it’s a third person action-oriented tower defense game, with a bunch of RPG elements thrown in for good measure, and it has a completely ridiculous amount of content, even without all its DLC. Plus, there’s both online and split-screen co-op and a story.. kinda.. I guess. But the action and glorious battles definitely overshadow the plot here, and I say the game is better for it. There are hardly many who pay attention to the story in a tower defense anyway.
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Spin Your Way Through Crossword Puzzles In ‘KRIZL’

I’m sure most are familiar with crossword puzzles, but while most of them follow the typical design that has you filling vertical and horizontal columns with the correct words, KRIZL differs from the norm with a new way of playing the crossword game. Here, the blanks have already been filled in and instead, blocks of 3×3 tiles have been spun around, tasking you with figuring out how to spin each back to recreate the solution.
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Spiderweb Software’s RPG Hit ‘Avernum 6’ Ventures Onto iPad

Avernum 6 HD
If there’s one thing Spiderweb Software have proven time and time again, it’s how to make a solid RPG. They have a lengthy line of award-winning titles in their catalogue, and these are massive in more than one way, featuring huge worlds with a lot of NPCs, plenty of quests to partake in and creepy dungeons that are almost begging for a band of adventurers to explore them. Oh and one of my personal favorites: Armies of monsters in need of slaying!
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Indev Spotlight: Experience an Alternate Victorian London In ‘EDGAR’

EDGAR announcement
If you’ve ever wanted to play as Edgar Allan Poe himself, chasing the infamous Jack the Ripper through the streets of an alternate Victorian London, then it might not be a bad idea to put EDGAR on your radar. Just don’t expect it to be released for a while, since it’s still in the early stages of development. So.. how about a glance at the information available at this point?
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‘Blocks That Matter’ Now Has Steam Workshop and a Sequel Is Coming

Tetrobot and Co.
Blocks That Matter has you playing as Tetrobot, a tiny robot capable of drilling blocks after which they can be picked up and recycled into pieces of 4 blocks, to navigate each level and reach the exit. During the early levels, figuring out what blocks to place where isn’t the most challenging thing, but it does get more difficult as the game progresses. You’ll have to deal with blocks with the properties of ice and sand, among other, all which behave differently; if you’ve ever played Terraria, you should be familiar with how sand blocks work in a 2D environment (hint: gravity).
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‘Machinarium’ Is Finally Available On PSN In the US

Machinarium PSN US release
In Machinarium you play as Josef the robot who’s been exiled to the scrap yard and he’s hellbent on getting back into the city to rescue his robot girlfriend and as is often the case with this kind of game, save the day! Unfortunately his mission is not an easy one (are they ever?), since plenty of puzzles and other obstacles stand between him and that special someone, along with the danger that lurks around every corner.
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‘Stealth Bastard’ Is Getting More Stealthy With Upcoming ‘Deluxe Version’

Stealth Bastard Deluxe
The free smash hit Stealth Bastard has often been described as a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy, but that’s certainly not a bad thing since those are two really great games. However, this is not about them – it’s about Stealth Bastard Deluxe! If you’ve played any stealth game in the past, chances are there has been at least one point where you thought “why is this so slow-paced?”.
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From WiiWare to Steam: ‘BIT.TRIP CORE’ Blasts Onto PC and Mac

BIT.TRIP.CORE is the third game in the popular WiiWare series to be released on Valve’s digital platform. Following in the footsteps of 2010’s BIT.TRIP BEAT and 2011’s BIT.TRIP RUNNER, this time CommanderVideo’s journey takes him into unfamiliar territory in a rhythm-based adventure that plays like a blast from the past, complete with NES-style controls and a chiptune-inspired soundtrack.
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