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‘The Journey Down: Chapter One’ Has Arrived On iOS

The Journey Down: Chapter One
Wow. iOS fans are in for a treat with this one. Quite frankly, The Journey Down: Chapter One is one helluva point ‘n’ click adventure. It’s got plenty of puzzles to solve, over-the-top comedy to keep you entertained, a crazy cast of characters and a story full of mystery to tie it all together: As the game begins, a day like any other turns into the adventure of a lifetime for Bwana and Kito with the discovery of a long lost journal. After all, what could possibly go wrong when old journals are involved?
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‘Grimind’ Arrives On PC With Memory Loss

Grimind drops the player into plenty of creepy caves and crypts without any memory of how he/she got there or where ‘here’ is. Getting out in one piece is not going to be some trivial task, as plenty of puzzles and other obstacles stand in your way, along with a constantly nagging feeling that you are not alone in this place.
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Through the Fire and the Flames: ‘Party of Sin’ Is Out

Party of Sin
Wow! This looks like my kind of party: The Seven Deadly Sins have been imprisoned by the angels. Why? Irrelevant. What matters is that you now get to pull off one Hell-of-a jailbreak. And since it’s dangerous to go alone – we’re talking about Hell after all – you have the option of bringing along a friend or two or three. No one locks up Envy, Greed, Wrath or the other sins and gets away with it, so make your way through the fire and brimstone and get ready to enact glorious vengeance upon the heavens!
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Help Bast Through a Dangerous Forest: ‘A Walk in the Dark’ Is Out

A Walk in the Dark
Wow. It feels like forever since I wrote about A Walk in the Dark‘s gameplay trailer, even though it has only been three months, but now it’s finally out! Comparisons to games like LIMBO and Super Meat Boy have been made wherever said trailer popped up, but this challenging 2D platformer certainly comes with a twist of its own: How does playing as a cat capable of defying gravity sound?
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‘Bleed’ Released With Plenty of 16-bit Action-Packed Gunplay

It’s finally December 12, and that means Bleed is out! I’ve played countless 2D action platformers over the years, and some might say that the genre is a tiny bit oversaturated currently. But in my opinion, this one is capable of standing on its own just fine, with a 16-bit art style, crazy mid-air movements, several action-packed modes to plow through – including one that lets you take on up to 3 boss type enemies at once, and guns that never seem to run out of ammunition (where does she hide it all?!).
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‘Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams’ Update Adds Christmas Content

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Christmas update
With Christmas being right around the corner, Black Forest Games decided to spread some holiday cheer with new content for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Sadly, it’s not one of those updates that coats the entire game world with a thick layer of snow and litters the landscape with presents during the holiday season. What it does however, is add a brand new Christmas themed level to the ‘Extras’ menu. Nothing like an early Christmas present!
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‘Awesomenauts’ Has Gone MOBA On Mac

In the months following its launch on XBLA earlier this year, Awesomenauts has often been called “League of Legends in 2D”, which is both right and wrong at the same time, but not at all a negative comparison. Sure, they’re both MOBA games, but where League of Legends is an extremely competitive F2P title, Awesomenauts is a far more relaxed and cartoony experience that’s quite frankly much easier for new players to get into (even with its $10 admission fee).
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An Adventurous Tale of Two Robots: ‘Primordia’ Is Out

There are plenty of post-apocalyptic games nowadays, but to the best of my knowledge, very few are point ‘n’ click adventures, which is exactly what Primordia is. The story revolves around Horatio and Crispin, two robots content with their everyday life in the wastelands, when suddenly all that changes dramatically as their very existence is threatened by the theft of their power core – robots need power to function, after all. Their only options now are to either recover the stolen energy source or find a replacement.
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Latest Bundle In A Box Has Eclectic Delights

Hot on the trail of the Adventure Bundle and Deep Space Bundle, Kyttaro Games are back for thirds with Eclectic Delights (gotta love that name). Unlike a certain other bundle provider, which seems to be suffering from an identity crisis recently, this one is packed with nothing but indie games, just like the first two.
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‘Epilogue’ Roguelikes Its Way to Mac

As is the case with most roguelikes, Epilogue comes equipped with plenty of monsters to slay, more loot than you can carry and enough uncharted territory to make a cartographer’s head spin. But where it stands out, is with a thick layer of strategy that’s generally not seen in the genre, and a character creation system so deep that everyone will likely be able to find a combination to suit their playing style.
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‘Steam Marines’ 0.6.6a Brings Fresh Recruits

Steam Marines 0.6.6a
Are you a fan of roguelikes? Do you like space/science fiction in video games? If the answer to at least one of the two is yes, then why are you not playing Steam Marines right now?! It may still be a WIP in many ways, as I wrote in my Indev Spotlight, but at least the latest version adds a much-needed feature: The ability to replace dead squad members! It also fixes bugs and.. aw who cares? RECRUITS!
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‘Dungeon Defenders’ Is Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Dungeon Defenders PS3
Dungeon Defenders recently celebrated its first birthday and quite frankly, the game is better than it’s ever been with lots of content and plenty of fun to be had. The fact that Trendy Entertainment are still releasing DLC for the game – both free and premium – more than a year after launch is also quite impressive; although I’m hardly alone in hoping they’ll release more map packs and less cosmetic content in the future.. a very impressive game nonetheless.
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The Wizard, Warrior and Thief Have Arrived On Wii U In ‘Trine 2: Director’s Cut’

Trine 2: Director's Cut
Trine 2 tells the tale of a warrior, a wizard and a thief, as they set out on an adventure filled with magic, mayhem, ugly monsters to slay and puzzles to solve. Instead of controlling all three at once, you’ll be able to switch between them at any time, and along the lines of The Lost Vikings, each has a unique set of abilities. These will be put to the test during both monster bashing and maybe even more so, when a puzzle needs to be solved. It’s been available on PC, Mac, 360 and PS3 for a while now, but the launch of a new console needs at least
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‘Retrovirus’ Beta Release Brings Fast-Paced Six-Axis Shooting

Retrovirus beta
Retrovirus pits the player as an antivirus in a genre that really doesn’t get much attention these days: Six degrees of freedom (6DoF)! Your mission is to destroy a virus (surprise!), which in this case means lots of fast-paced combat along with puzzle solving and exploration. Not quite how I thought antivirus software dealt with viral infections, but hey – it’s a video game and Cadenza left ‘realism’ out of its description for a reason.
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