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Merry Christmas ‘Hyper Princess Pitch’! (Review)

Earlier this month I was worried that I might end up not having a Christmas game to post about on that very day. Thankfully @BacklogJourney quickly helped me out and so I grabbed “Hyper Princess Pitch”, from Daniel’s Base. You play as a princess called Pitch, hell-bent on ruining Christmas, by taking down Santa who’s… A ROBOT?! No way. Well, that certainly puts things into perspective!
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Indie Bundle Fatigue Kicking In Yet?

The contents of every single bundle to this point, has been great indie games, from pretty much every genre – including hacking (yeah that’s a genre… wait, it isn’t? Oops!) – and that’s not the beef I have with them; far from. It’s rather the sheer amount popping up now, from all over the place, that’s made me decide to try and put the whole thing into perspective. But first I’m going to drag you back to the beginning of time with me.
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‘Breath of Death VII’ Graduated In 2011 From Old-School (Review)

Breath of Death VII is truly unlike any other RPG today, and I’m glad Zeboyd Games went with an old-school style. The visuals (and many gameplay elements) presented here are similar to Final Fantasy (1987) and Phantasy Star (1988); that may seem a strange choice to some, but I think it’s great. It’s like returning to a simpler time.. when RPGs didn’t have (often confusing) branching dialogue options or complex skill trees, but actually focused on gameplay and a plot that (sometimes) made sense, more than simply showing off a fancy graphics engine.
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‘Turtles In Time’ or Out of Time?

Turtles In Time
Let me take you back.. to a time where everyone was going “cowabunga!” Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael started out as in the form of a comic book, published by Mirage Studios, back in 1984, and quickly rose in popularity – but it was not until 1987 that it became a worldwide phenomenon with the beginning of a cartoon that would go on for 10 seasons before ending in 1996 after airing a massive 193 episodes.
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